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     First Aid for Preparedness    
     This Entire Page is a Detailed First Aid Class !   

Click on the TAP HERE LISTEN NOW button below and it will instantly start to play an MP3 file of me, Steven Harris, giving you a basic lesson in First Aid for Preparedness.  While you listen you can scroll down and look at all of the different basic first aid items I have put on the page PLUS I have MY descriptions next to each item.  How I've used it before, why I've used it, how it might work for you.   This page is designed to give you an overview in helping YOU decide WHAT YOU NEED for YOURSELF.  Clicking on the item will take you to Amazon where you can buy it, they have great prices, but if you desire, you can also go to your local store and buy it.  My main interest is you getting better prepared so you can help yourself and others in times of need.  - Steven Harris


First Aid:  What is most important and why?   
Throughout the history of the soldier there is one thing that will disable a soldier or a person in the wild or a survival situation quicker than anything else and that is a skin problem.  Skin is your largest organ and it easily gets cut, gets a rash, blister or irritation and that can prevent you from walking, it can get infected and it can just be downright painful.    First you need items to treat & protect your skin, then you need to be able to stop bleeding and heal that wound, then you need stuff that will treat your digestive system (diarrhea & vomiting), then you need to have items for your respiratory system (breathing).  Items to stop coughing and to protect you from inhaling irritants and particles.  This page also include pain killers because those deal with both your skin and wounds that make you bleed.

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   First Aid Items You Need, in Priority 

   Priority #1.  You need items to protect & heal your skin
   Priority #2.  You need items to stop bleeding & heal wounds
   Priority #3.  You need items to treat your digestive system
   Priority #4.  You need items to treat your respiratory system



Even though you are more likely to get a blister or a rash that becomes a problem, people put a great deal of first aid emphasis on wounds and bleeding, probably because its so scary.  Seeing blood just triggers something inside of us that says BAD.  Protecting your skin is such a serious subject that I have divided it into different skin areas, general, lips, feet etc...  I try to start with the cheapest and simpler items and then move towards the more complex.   Which is why this starts out with Medical Tape and Female Napkins.  Noting will stop bleeding quicker and easier than those two.  You'll never use a Band-Aid again. !!

Durapore Medical Tape, Silk Tape - QTY 12 - 1 in. x 10 yards $16.79
Durapore is the strongest of the 3M surgical tapes.  Since I have started using this in the 1990's I have never use ONE Band-Aid since then.  When I get a cut or a scrape or something bleeding, I just wrap this tape around it.  It cover and closes up the wound and does a good job of taking care of the blood.  If its really a bleeder I put some paper towel under the tape over the wound or I cut a piece of the Maxi-Pad (below) and put that on it and then tape over it.  There is hardly a quicker and easier way to take care of a small to medium sized wound than this tape.  Hold down a piece of paper towel, maxi-pad, 4x4 gauze, or other dressing.
HARRIS PHOTO of Me BLEEDING & using this.

Want Just ONE Roll?  Get it Here.    2" Wide Tape is Available Here.

Always Infinity Heavy Flow with Wings, Unscented, Individually Wrapped (Pack of 64) $13.89
What is the job of Female Napkins / Maxi Pads ?  Its to absorb BLOOD.  Its specifically made to adsorb blood and a lot of it.  These are individually wrapped and "sanitary".  There are more of these made in on day in the USA than there are of 4x4 gauze bandages in an entire year.  Use the whole thing or use the scissors below and cut a piece to size and tape it on down.   This is as inexpensive as it gets for making your own bandages and dressings.

Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor $9.90
These are an extremely high quality pair of scissors.  These are TOP rated and inexpensive.  Use these in your medical kit / any kit to cut anything from bandages, to clothing, to fixing tents or tarps.  Get these in 5.5" or 7.5" sizes.

Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage Spray $4.62
A simple yet proven spray liquid that protect a wound similar to a bandage.  Spray it on and let it dry.  Multiple applications are suggested.  Spray / Dry, Spray / Dry etc...  Works really good on rashes and skin wounds on elbows or knees or other areas that flex and that a bandage won't adhere to very well because of movement.  This is just one skin care tool in your first aid box of knowledge and tools.   Its increasingly hard to find in stores and people are ordering it online now.

20 cc/ml 10 pcs Syringe w/o Needles New Sterile Disposable Luer Slip Tip $9.98
If you have a cut, a wound, a rash, a scrape or something that needs to be cleaned and wash and especially needs a good stream of water to clean it out because you have a lot of foreign material in there then there is no easier way to do that than with a simple 20cc Syringe along with some Sterile Water (below).   Just open the syringe, open the sterile water, pull the water into the syringe and then irrigate the wound and clean it up.  Use along with sterile pads (above) to help clean up.

Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP - 250ml Bottle - Bottle $7.83
This is a 250ml bottle of sterile water that goes along with the syringe above.  There are larger bottles of sterile water available, like 500ml bottles here, but this 250ml bottle fits into a small medical kit just fine and its more than enough to do most jobs.  Need more than this, you better be getting some professional medical treatment soon.  In fact, get it anyway, if you can.

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Mirasorb Gauze Sponges, 4 Inch x 4 Inch, 50 Count $6.99
4x4's are a very traditional and often used medical item  They are  just aborbant pieces of sterile material that are perfect to fold up and put over a wound or to put on a wound directly.  Also very commonly used to wash and clean a wound, irritation or infection.  Individually wrapped STERILE versions of this can be found HERE. 
2"x2" versions can be found here.

ECONOMY VALUE BUTTERFLY CLOSURE STRIPS LARGE 100/BOX $5.30 got cut...and now you need a few stiches, or more, but there is no one available.  Stop the bleeding, clean the blood off and use these "Butteryfly Closure Strips" also called by the 3M name brand of "Steri-Strips" to pull the would together and to close it up as good as you can.  If you'd like the original name brand 3M Steri-Strips you can get them here.
CURAD also makes a very nice line of butterfly closures - Click Here.

3M Vetbond Adhesive, 3ml Wound Closure Skin Adhesive $19.00
Got a deep cut that might need a stitch or two but you aren't near an ER to have it done ?  Glue it shut.  Or close it with some Steri-Strips (above) and then put the glue on it to hold it extra shut.  This is an offical SKIN-GLUE.  In emergencies people have used regular super glue for closing wounds.  There is a more expensive version of this made for humans, but this is the exact same stuff made for animals and its a lot cheaper.  Read on the Amazon feedback on how people have used it on themselves.  If you'd desire the human version it comes in a single use vial here for $17.95 (Dermabond)

Celox V12090-35 Blood Clotting Solution, 35g Pouch $22.41
Celox is a blood coagulant powder, the 35 gram pouch is for major bleeding, a gun shot would, a knife wound, when you have more blood coming out than you have ever seen before you rip this open and pour it directly INTO the wound, you fill it up and pour it all over the wound and you apply direct continual pressure on the wound.  This stops the wound from bleeding, along with your pressure.  You can then put a pressure dressing (below) on it and then  you are going to have to seek medical treatment.  If you have been in the military and been through the Combat Life Saver or TCCC course, then you know what I'm talking about.  This is not a fix, this just stops you from bleeding so you can get yourself alive to professional trauma based medical care.  There is a 10 pack of smaller 2 Gram packets of Celox HERE that you can use on smaller cuts and bleeds that are being stubborn, something that would require from 0 to a few stitches.

Kerlix Type Gauze Rolls 4"X4 yds, Sterile, 4/bag $4.55
This is sterile dressing wrap. Can be used to insert into and to pack a bad wound to stop it from bleeding, can be wrapped around a wound on its own to stop bleeding, can be wrapped around something that is over or covering a wound, infection or area of irritation, can be used to make an improvised sling for an arm.   Can be tied tight over another roll of kerlix to make a compression bandage.   You can cut it and put it in an antiseptic like iodine solution to wipe a wound area clean.  This is the 1001 uses / do-all first aid item.

Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing, First Aid Compression Bandage $5.75
For just under $6.00 you get an incredible piece of trauma first aid treatment  here.  Its sterile, vacuum packed and FAMOUS.  The Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD) is used world wide for treating combat wounds.  It wraps around any part of your body, has all of the stuff built into it so you can pull and tie it tight and its got a large, very adsorbent compression bandage on it for stopping blood flow.  If you are worried about combat type injuries, then the IBD, the H bandage for $7.50, the Celox and the CAT Tourniquet are what you want.  If this IBD is sold out you can get this IBD Here

C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet $27.95
This is the official tourniquet of the US Army, and for once, they picked  an excellent one. I have been formally trained in the use of the CAT as well as the IBD (above) and the use of Celox (above) and I can tell you that this is THE item to have to stop heavy bleeding in an extremity (arm or leg).  It can be used 1 handed, its operation is very intuitive, but still practice with it.  Wrap it around , cinch it down, turn the windlass till the blood flow stops and then tuck the end of the windlass into its holder.  If the CAT is sold out then buy this version HERE. 



Keep your skin clean so you won't get rashes.  Keep your skin clean so rashes and cuts won't get infected.  Wash and disinfect your rashes and your cuts and your blisters and other skin problems.  STOP nothing from being a small problem, stop small problems from being a big problem.

Band-aid Brand First Aid Hurt-Free Antiseptic Wash 6-Ounce $6.98
This is especially good for children, or big babies, the wash does not sting or hurt the wound plus it has a mild pain killer in it to take away the pain of the wound.  Works very good for cleaning up scrapes and road rash.

Alcohol 99% Isopropyl Pint $7.50
Have to clean up the area around a wound?  Take some cotton balls, or pieces of maxi-pad (above) and soak them in alcohol and start to clean up around the affected area.  Get the dirt, the blood, the grime and the germs off the area around the wound.   Generally alcohol is not used for cleaning the inside of the wound itself, but for cleaning up everything around it.  Don't forget to use this on your hands to clean up your hands before you start helping someone.  Wipe your hands with this and then leave it on, wait a good 15 seconds, for it to kill the germs on your hands.

Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Solution 16 Oz $4.45
Hydrogen peroxide is used on top of wounds itself, its good to get any dirt and debris out of the wound and for it to kill any bacterial that is on the surface.   You remember this stuff from being a kid, your mother would pour it on a wound or a scab and it would fizzle up with white foam and bubbles.  This is a disinfectant used for the outside of your body.

First Aid Only Povidone-Iodine Infection Control Wipe, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 20) [200 PADS] $26.68
Do NOT use betadine if you have an allergy to shell fish or iodine.  What do you do if you have a cut that is 'healing' and it gets red and infected, you can use betadine directly on the cut / wound area to help kill infection and clean it up.  Then it should be covered with a clean bandage or surgical tape (see above for tape) (see below for more wound coverings)   If you have a cut or scrape that is getting infected, clean it 2x to 3x a day with betadine and put a fresh bandage over it.   Do you need some sterile wash water for cleaning your hands or a wound?  Put ONE of these wipes in a quart of clear water, shake it up, and let it sit for 30 minutes.  Then use that water for cleaning or washing a wound area.  DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER.  The iodine concentration is way to high.   This is just a quick and easy trick.

Povidone Iodine Swabsticks 1's - 50 Per Box $8.45
This is exactly the same as the above described betadine but its in a swab stick rather than a wipe in a pouch.  You can this to make clean WASH water just like I describe above with the wipe.

Iodine Tincture First Aid Antiseptic-2% USP, By Preferred Plus - 1 Oz $5.79
This is probably the most compact way to carry iodine as an antiseptic, with the most use.  This little bottle has many applications in it.  I guess the smallest and most compact form would be the wipes above, but you only get 1 use per wipe.  This just has a glass stem in it that you use to put the iodine directly on the infected area.  This would be the most milage with the smallest space.  Click HERE for CDC Guidelines on how to use this to disinfect drinking water. 

Alcohol Prep 2ply. 200 Count Alcohol Prep Pads $4.11
If you have to clean up an area around a new cut or a wound that has already started healing, and its infected, you can use one of these alcohol prep pads.  These should ALSO be used by people who are ALLERGIC TO IODINE.

Also, use these to also clean your hands before you eat or before you treat someone else.  These are less than half the price of Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes and do the same thing.

Neosporin Original Ointment First Aid Antibiotic Treatment 3 Pack Value Pack $18.49
Note: this is a 3 pack for this price, which is good.  I mention above about using iodine to clean up wounds, but there is nothing better putting an actual anti-biotic onto the wound.  Before modern antibiotics people died of infections from cuts that became infected.  Even as simple as a poke from a rose thorn killed people.   Antibiotics will prevent an infection from being a problem and in a blackout situation where the infrastructure is down, and you are not showing daily, you will get dirty and things will get infected.  So iodine on wounds is good, antibiotics are excellent.

HART Health Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5gm, 25/box, 3-Box Set $13.19
This is exactly the same as the above however these are individual packets that you can use once, or twice, or you can give away to other people to treat their wounds.  You  might have a tube of antibiotics for yourself and family, but the packets to give away or to treat other people.



Simple and easy treatments for the small problems that happen to your skin before they become bigger problems.  Many times small irritations can be very distracting for adults or a constant annoyance for children.  A little of the right type of ointment can take care of a lot of those problems.

Bag Balm� Medicated Oinment 10oz $8.99 (or less)
Bag Balm got its start as an ointment for the chafed, cracked skin on the utters of milking cows.  It'd heal up the skin pretty quickly.  This works very well on anything that is itching, irritated and needs some salve on it.  If this does not cure the irritation or skin problem you'll have to try the hydrocortisone cream below.   This is a 10oz tin, so its not something that goes into a little kit or that you carry with you when you travel.  There is a great 1oz tin of this, just a smaller version of what you see on the photo.  The 1oz is just enough for a few problems and small enough to travel with you.
Don't' forget the 1 oz tin. Its awesome for small kits! $4.05


Porters Liniment Salve - Two Pack 2 oz. Tins $16.49
This is for a 2 pack, so its about the same price as the bag balm, and it does basically the exact same thing, but it comes in a thin round tin that travels very well.  Some people like Porters, some like Bag Balm, it depends on what part of the country you are from and what was on the store shelves when you were a child.

Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, Maximum Strength, 1-Ounce Tube $9.37
Rashes, Irritations and irritating things that just wont go away and they are red and sore or they itch and itch and itch are things that need to be treated with a hydrocortisone type of cream.  This is especially effective at treating ALLERGIC reactions to something.  My wife had an allergenic reaction on her ear from a new ear ring.  Bag balm and Porters would not stop the itching so I had to run to the store to get some hydrocortisone and the itching stopped in 30 seconds.   However, this would not treat, dry, cracked skin like the bag balm or porters would.  Different problems, different solutions.

Hydrocortisone Cream Anti-Itch 25 Pkts/Box $3.15
Again, above I have the tube of the cream and here I have the small packets of the hydrocortisone cream.  I like the small packets because you can put them in a very small kit, just enough for a few days, and you can also give a packet to a friend and you can still have 2 or 3 left in your little travel kit.   Someone who has an itch that won't stop will pay / trade heavily for a little packet of this miracle cream that stops itching.

Desitin Maximum Strength Paste (Pack of 2) $10.48
Wow..if there is one thing that will give your skin the most irritating rash its having messy bathroom conditions.  These conditions will occur when things stop working or you find yourself way from modern toilets.  Desitin is a thick zinc oxide cream and its used to treat diaper rash, and you know what creates diaper rash.  Well if you don't clean yourself up good enough each time you'll get the same thing.  If you've every heard the saying, "that person is an irritating A-hole" then you know from where that saying comes if you've ever had an irritated dumper.   Desitin is also commonly used as a sunblock on your nose if you are particularly sensitive to the sunshine and your hat does not effectively cover your whole face.

Diphenhydramine HCl 25 Mg Allergy Medicine and Antihistamine Compare to Active Ingredient of Benadryl� Allergy Generic - 400 Tablets $9.99
If you are having an allergic reaction to something even a bad rash, and the bag balm, porters and the hydrocortisone cream is not working, you might have to take medication like this.   This is normally used to treat seasonal allergies, however it does work on other allergic reactions as well.  It also makes you sleepy, so its good as a sleep aid in a disaster, you might have trouble sleeping.  It also has mild anti-nausea side effects so if you are puking, or feel like it, it might give you some relief. 

Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezers Survival Camping - Key Chain or Bottle NEW! $5.92
These are up here because of my good friend Matt from my home town.  He says he's a big baby when it comes to splinters but he can run 50 miles and does triathlons and such.  So I found the most excellent pair of sliver removers available with the highest ratings there are.  I like them so much, I have some on the way for my personal  medical kit.   Nothing like a stuck blister to get infected, red, swollen, and then all full of puss, just so the body can force it out on its own, unless you get blood poisoning first.



Your lips are part of your skin, and when they do get chapped and  cracked and sore it makes drinking, talking and eating more difficult.  It hurts.  Protect your lips from getting chapped and help them heal when they do.  These are very small, inexpensive and so very effective.  This is an important part of any medical kit.

EOS Tangerine Medicated Lip Balm Sphere, .25-Ounce (Pack of 3) $8.97
Sore, cracked and chapped lips can quickly make you miserable.  It can make it painful to drink and eat and is just annoying as heck.  You're in a disaster, last thing you need is more annoyance.   Especially if its your children that are getting annoyed.  This is one of my personal favorites for a lip balm.  It tastes good, smells good and comes in a nice hard plastic shell.  This is 'medicated' lip balm so it'll help heal your lips if they've already gotten sore.

Blistex Lip Medex External Analgesic/Lip Protectant 0.25 Oz (Pack of 6) $10.80
This is the same as above, but its better for sharing.  I don't really want to use your lip balm after you've put it on your sore, infected lips.  However this is a little tin of lip balm.  You put your finger in it and then rub it on your lips.  So if have to share with someone its a lot less gross than sharing your stick of lip balm.

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm, Regular, SPF 15 - 3 ea  $8.39
I've put this here because this is one of the major brands that you'll recognize.  Any of these 3 will do just fine, but this is a 3 pack, and now you can  have one all to yourself, plus a spare, and one to give away to a good friend in need.



Of the skin on your body probably the area that can get hurt the quickest and stop you the fastest is the skin of your feet.   If its painful for you to walk, you are slowed way down or you are not walking and moving.  If you can't walk you can't keep ahead of the zombies.  One day in wet boots or shoes can give you tremendous problems.  Always take time to dry your shoes and socks at night, or when ever you can if you are in a wet environment.  Make sure you have a GREAT pair of boots and they are broken in and CHANGE YOUR SOCKS !!  Clean Socks !! are one of the #1 ways of keeping your feet healthy... it is that simple.  Ask ANY soldier.  Go to wikipedia and read about WWI trench foot

Tinactin Antifungal Cream for Athlete's Foot $10.69
A foot fungal infection (athletes foot) with the skin between your toes falling apart and forming open sores is something that can become debilitating very quickly.  Very quickly you can find yourself NOT being able to walk.  If you can't move, you can't keep ahead of the zombie herd.  If you get into a wet foot environment, your boots or shoes are wet all day, you can get this.  I use to have this problem a long time ago, but this stopped it dead in its tracks.  I've not had it in 15 years.  I like the cream because you can put it on the affected areas and it stays there, and I can goop it on to put more medicine on it.  This is probably the best option.

Tinactin Athletes Foot Powder Spray (Pack of 3) $20.30
This spray can is the same thing as the stuff above, but you spray it on.  It goes on with a very nice cooling feeling.  Plus, if someone else has a fungal infection, and you have to treat it (like your child) you don't want to be rubbing your fingers all over their infected feet, so its easier just to apply the medication a spray can.   The cream is the smallest, most compact form of the medication and would work best for traveling.  There are many other brands of this same medication, this is just one that I used that worked very well for me.

Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions $3.67
Blisters are a scourge, they will debilitate you quickly and prevent you from either walking our effectively using your hands.  Cushioning gel pad relieves pain while protecting the blister. Waterproof, superior adhesive stays in place for multi-day use. Flexible form conforms to skin for greater fit and comfort. Seals out water, dirt, and germs that can cause infection.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Advanced Healing Blister Cushions for Fingers & Toes, 8-Count Box $3.99
Exactly the SAME as ABOVE except these curl around to go around fingers and toes where those pesky blisters appear when you least expect them.


Blister Medic by Adventure Medical Kits $8.53
There is a wide range of products available.  This is nice because its got different cutouts for different blisters.  However I am NOT a fan of things that are 'pre-made' and I prefer for you to have the basics to take care of things yourself.  So if one of the Band-Aid items above does not work, because they are so simple, then get the moleskin below and use it to cut our or tape up your own blisters on your own body to your own needs.

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus 24" x 4 5/8" Padding Roll (Pack of 4) $19.87
This is what I'd rather you have, a roll of mole skin, now you can cut out what ever shape or size you so desire, paste it where ever you desire.  On your foot, hand, or any other place that is getting a blister.  Cut out squares of it and put it in a zip lock bag and put it in your medical bag etc...

Jaybird and Mais MOLESKIN Moleskin Roll (2 in. wide) $21.91
This is the same stuff as the above, the the above stuff is 4.5" wide, and this is only 2" wide, so it might fit in your medical kit a lot better than the larger box of moleskin above.

Bodyglide Skin Glide - 1.6oz Tube $9.99

In this case...someone else's words are better than mine.
I'm training for a (walking) marathon & a half in hot, steamy Southern California. There's nothing like being in the California sun for 7 hours straight with all your moving parts constantly moving. I've had major problems with chafing, severe swelling, blisters and terrible heat rash on my feet. I've used petroleum jelly, powder, etc., etc., etc. None of them worked as well as this product. I did 22 miles two days ago and re-applied after mile 12. NO heat rash, blisters or chafing in the areas where I applied it. Was able to do 10 more miles the next day on feet that didn't hurt -- for the first time. The product is pricey -- no doubt. But when I'm nursing a blister, I can't really put a price on being able to move without pain or injury when I'm training or during an event

Men's HeatGear� Crew Sock 4-Pack Socks by Under Armour $20.98
It cannot be said enough, that is how you PREVENT your feet from getting blisters and fungal infections in the FIRST PLACE !!  You do not have to treat and fix what did not happen.  DO NOT hold cotton socks, they hold water.  DO NOT use WOOL socks, they too hold water (not as  much as cotton) but they stink in comparison to using a modern synthetic sock.  You'll be taking your socks off and putting on new ones and letting your other ones dry on a line or on your pack as you are moving.  The synthetics will dry many times FASTER than wool.   You want a good 3 or 4 pair of GOOD SOCKS.   This is a 4 pack of socks and Under Armor is famous for their synthetic cloths.

Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Boot Sock $10.65
I just did not want to put up one line of socks.  There are many manufactures of good socks.  These are all synthetic and will work fine.  CLEAN & DRY SOCKS!

Carhartt Mens Work-dry� Lightweight Western Boot Over-the-calf Sock $10.00
Carhartt is about as famous of a name as Under Armor, and they are known for their durability so if they are selling a sock for you to wear in your boots you know it'll be comfortable, padded, thick and do a good job.  CLEAN & DRY SOCKS!

Nuby 4 Pack Safety Pins, Colors May Vary $2.99
Well, if you get a blister from wearing your boots or shoes, and you are just one of those people who have to pop your blisters, then you'll want a pin to pop it, and nothing works better than a safety or diaper pin.  Make sure you heat it up with a match or lighter to disinfect it before use it, and let it cool down before you use it.   Safety pins should always be part of any emergency kit or travel kit because you are always going to have a wardrobe malfunction at sometime and a safety pin will save the day.



A little protection goes a LOT ways to keeping your skin from getting injured, and then infected.  A little prevention is always a good habit. 

No-Rinse Shampoo - 16 oz $6.05
This is used in 1000's of hospitals.  Its a simple liquid wetted to your hair and it will get the oils off and make you feel cleaner.   Towel dry your hair after.  Not as good as a real shower but by far better than having icky and oily hair.  Remember your scalp is part of your skin and it needs to be maintained.

No-Rinse Shampoo is ready to use that serves the need of bedfast patients, convalescents, the elderly and others where rinsing is difficult. It can be applied, lather and towel dry. Penetrating foaming action does the cleaning. It eliminates odor and it is safe, comfortable, convenient and alcohol free.

No-Rinse Body Bath with Odor Eliminator - 16 oz. $10.99
Used by NASA and ALL the Space Shuttle Flights.  Used in 1000's of hospitals.  Mix some of this up with water and use a cloth to wash down your entire body.  NO RINSING needed.  Get the oil, stink and grime off you quickly and easily.  Just towel dry when you are done.  Keeping your skin clean is a very important part of preventative first aid.  Rashes, infections and skin irritations can be debilitating and they only get worse.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes 12x Box With Tub 768 Count $25.26
If you are in an environment where you cannot take a bath or shower then the next best thing is baby wipes.  You can clean your entire body with baby wipes.  I know people who have used them to keep clean for over a month.  These are not a long term solution to not being able to shower, but they are a great short term solution, especially if you have children.  768 wipes for $25 is a great price.  This comes with 1 dispensing box and 11 sealed packs of wipes to refill the box with.

Dewalt DPG20L All Purpose Synthetic Leather Palm Spandex Back Velcro Wrist Work Glove $13.34
You've heard me say this before, the #1 most important thing to have after a disaster like a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake is a darn good pair of gloves.  Gloves turn your hands and arms into machines.  Hands without gloves get cut, poked, sore, blisters, irritated etc.. With a pair of gloves you can handle ruff lumber with nails, broken glass, tree limbs, brush, a blown down home in pieces and anything else.  Get these gloves or any of these Heavy Leather Gloves on Amazon or at your local store.  Make sure they are tough and that they FIT WELL!!

SafeTouch Nitrile Exam Gloves, Non Latex, Powder Free $9.47
Do you have to wash poison ivy off of someone?  Are you cleaning up a something messy, human or non human, then you'll want to keep your  hands clean and sanitary.  Nothing does this quicker and easier than these non-latex gloves.  Click on the link, and you can select your size of glove and you can order by the box or by the case.




If there are two things that can come and get you from the sky its sunshine and mosquitoes and other biting insects.  Sun burn can be come so bad that it actually becomes sun poisening.

Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion $6.44
Many people are not out in the sun a lot, only when going to the beach. We inside our homes, inside our cars, inside stores, inside work, well in a disaster you might be outside a lot.  Sunburns can happen in hours depending on your skin and location.  Sunburns can not only be painful but crippling especially when your feet get sun burned.   Having smaller tubes of sunscreen with you is recommended and larger bottles of it for home storage.  SPF 30-50 will work fine.   A little bit of prevention will go a long way.

Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 Family Size Sunscreen Lotion, 12-Fluid Ounce $8.94
This is just a larger bottle of sunscreen at a very affordable price, and its got a pump dispenser on it so its easy to get out just what you need and to apply it.  Using sunscreen lotion is many times cheaper than sunscreen sprays.  The bottles of lotion also put a lot more sunscreen in a much smaller container than a spray on sunscreen.

Extreme Outdoor Hat UV 45+ Sun Protection (in OLIVE) $16.50
One way to avoid having to use sun block is not to let the sun hit you.  Wear a Sun Hat like this one that keeps teh sun off your face, head and back of your neck.   Wear light but long sleeve shirts and pants.  This will help with biting insects.   Your long and light shirts and pants and this hat should be treated with the Permethrin below.   This will TOTALLY prevent mosquitoes from biting you through your cloths.

Repel 6-Ounce Sportsmen Max Insect Repellent 40-Percent DEET Pump Spray $11.44
The rule (and the science) is permethrin for clothing, and DEET for skin.  NO WAY can it work in reverse.  DEET interferes with the receptors on the mosquito from homing in on the CO2 and water vapor from your breath and your skin.  In a sense...they can't 'see you.'  The higher the concentration of DEET, the longer it lasts on your skin.  This is up here because mosquito bites are irritations and can become infected or are just plain annoying.  In a post hurricane situation with a great deal of water, and no power, no infrastructure, mosquito populations can EXPLODE.  You are already dirty, not showering daily, have a stressed immune system from 'stress', different diet etc...

Sawyer Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Spray 24oz $15.89
Permethrin is a synthetic version of a natural plant enzyme found in the Chrysanthemum flower.  It will prevent mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums) from getting to you through your clothing.  When they land on your cloths or try to bite or sting through the fabric they get contaminated by the enzyme and they die.  This is 100% safe for human.  Its NOT safe for fish nor cats.  So don't spray either one of these, but on your clothing it is very safe.  It lasts many MONTHS and dozens of washings in the washer.  There is a great video of it on Amazon, just click on the photo or the link above to go see it.  This has been use by the military on soldiers uniforms for decades.

Zorrel - Insect Shield Apparel Long Sleeve Tee Shirt $31.35
If you don't want to treat your own shirts and pants, you can buy them pre-treated and ready to wear.  These will survive over 70 washes and still be effective.  Works on mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums).   Want more than a shirt?  There is a complete line of Bugs Away Clothing HERE



The first thing that can get you the quickest and the most severe is a skin problem.  The second problem is your digestive system.  If you have constant diarrhea and or are puking your brains out, you are not going to be very good.  A lot of diarrhea can be caused by unsanitary conditions.  Constant diarrhea (dysentery) can be caused by viral infections, bacterial infections, or parasitic infestations.  Dysentery is debilitating and can lead to death from dehydration in less than a day (depending on severity and climate).  Most commonly you'll get Dysentery from contaminated water.  However simple diarrhea can be caused from stress, nerves, lack of sleep, poor diet, change of diet, change of water source etc... these medicines will treat these simple diarrheas.  

Kirkland Signature Anti-Diarrheal Loperamide Hydrochloride (same as IMODIUM A-D) 2 MG Caplets, 200-Count Bottles (Pack of 2) $10.08
If there is one thing that will make your life instantly miserable then that is diarrhea.  Its debilitating and if you are on the move its got the prospect of making a real mess and contaminating your cloths and stuff you come in contact with.  Continual and uncontrolled diarrhea can dehydrate you quickly and can even lead to death (dysentery).   At the first signs of diarrhea follow the dosing instructions on this bottle and take the medicine.  "Imodium" is the strongest anti-diarrhea medicine available over the counter.

Get 36 packets of 2 Pills each for Small Kits Here

Pepto-Bismol Upset Stomach Reliever/Antidiarrheal Chewable Tablets, Original, 48-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) $20.37
Petbo Bismol is famous and has been a proven stomach treatment for decades.  Have an  upset stomach, take Pepto, feel like puking, take Pepto, have diarrhea take Pepto.  It DOES stop diarrhea but it is by no means as strong of an anti-diarrhea medicine than the Imodium (above).   I listed the Pepto here in the chewable form because the large pink bottles of the liquid would take up too much room in an emergency kit. 

Get 25 Packs w/ 2 Tablets Each Here for Small Kits $13.48

Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer, Delayed-Release Tablets $23.59
Some people have a real problem with acid reflux, and if you've had it, you know how miserable it can be.  It can even affect the quality of your sleep, or inability to sleep.  Changing diets as you might in a disaster may lead to a person who has his acid reflux under control normally to have it pop back up again.  A little acid reliever goes a long way to  making this situation better.  Prilosec takes a few hours to take effect, so its not an immediate solution, but once it takes affect, it will block you from getting acid reflux for over 24 hours.    If you want a quick acting acid reliver then get some of the chewable tables HERE.... but it only works right now, it does not prevent future acid reflix.

Gas-X Thin Strips Antigas, Extra Strength, Peppermint Flavored Strips, 18 strips (Pack of 6) $23.80
Your stomach typically produces 'gas' when it has a hard time digesting something.  In a disaster your diet may change significantly and you might get gas.  This can be uncomfortable for you because of pressure and unpleasant for those around you, or stuck in the car or shelter with you, because of the odor.  Gas-X stops this gas production almost instantly giving you fast relief.  These strips are so thin that they hardly take up any space at all.  Great for small emergency kits especially if you travel.

Preparation H Anti-Itch Cream with Hydrocortisone 1%, .9-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3) $21.09
If you've ever suffered from hemorrhoids then you know the pain and the irritation from them.   Have spare tubes of this available because its sure to flare up in a disaster right when you don't need it the most.

Diphenhydramine HCl 25 Mg Allergy Medicine and Antihistamine Compare to Active Ingredient of Benadryl� Allergy Generic - 400 Tablets $9.99
Benadryl types of medications are mostly used to treat allergies and allergic reactions.  Its also used as a sleep aid because it makes you drowsy.   I have it listed here in the stomach section because it does have mild anti-nausea properties to it.  Its not as strong as prescription anti-nausea medicine but its a lot better than nothing.



Get a cold, get the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis or just inhale too much dust and fine particles and you can get yourself a nasty cough.  Cough too much and it starts to hurt and get worse.  A basic cough suppressant will stop this cycle and allow the lungs to start to heal.  Many times this will also allow the person to get a good night of sleep, and everyone else around them.  Serious infections like flu, pneumonia and bronchitis are going to probably require medical attention and antibiotics for the underlying infection.  But when its 1AM in the morning and you or your child can't stop coughing this will help keep them stable until you can hopefully get them to assistance the next day.

Delsym Adult 12 Hour Cough Relief Orange $8.52
Coughing can be debilitating.  It can cause significant lung irritation and even pain.  Delsym is widely used in hospitals for coughing.  I know people in cancer wards that use it to treat cancer patients who are having coughing problems from either the cancer or the cancer treatment.

Robitussin Peak Cold Maximum Strength Cough and Chest Congestion DM $7.56
Robitussin is another anti-coughing medicine.  It has been around for a long time and works good.  I have the top 3 anti-coughing medicines listed here because everyone knows what works for them.   Some people just prefer one over the other and as long as it works for you, that is what is important.

Mucinex Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion Cough Liquid Maximum Strength $9.24
Mucinex is another anti-coughing medicine.  Its a newer brand of anti-coughing medicine and many people report very good results from it.

Halls Defense� Assorted Citrus Drops - 180 ct  $10.01
Cough drops...need I say more.  They provide immediate and temporary relief from coughing, also very good for sore thoughts.  Always have a good supply of anti-cold medications on hand because there will be a time when someone will get sick and you just won't be able to run down to the 24/7 pharmacy to get medication.
See ALL of the Cough Drops and Pick Your Favorite HERE

Sudafed Pressure + Pain, for Adults, Maximum Strength, Caplets 24 caplets $10.18
As the old saying goes, "your nose runs and your feel smell."  Having a runny nose can lead to constant coughing plus you having to blow your nose all of the time, and many times blowing out infectious mucus and body fluids on to nose tissues, toilet paper or paper towels.  Sudafed does a great job of  stopping this however due to new laws to get the most effective nasal decongestants you have to go and see your pharmacist.  They have them behind the counter now and you can get them without a prescription.

3M 8511 Particulate Sanding N95 Respirator with Valve, 10-Pack $15.37
One way to keep your respiratory system healthy is to keep particles out of your lungs.  3M N95 masks are famous and they do an excellent job of keeping you from breathing in stuff you don't want to breath.  In a disaster you might be in a very dusty environment and or you might be dealing with sick people.  When you talk, you are 'spitting' saliva.  This saliva can be infectious if the person is sick.  So keeping other peoples germs from getting into you, and keeping your germs from getting onto other people is a good idea.   The "cool flow" valve on this mask makes it a lot easier to exhale through than the mask below.


This is just the medical version of the above mask.  They are both N95 masks.  This one is a bit cheaper, but it does not have the cool flow mask.   If you are in a working environment like cleaning up a torn down house, use the mask above with the vent in it for your exhaling, it makes it a lot easier to breath.  If you are just around the house taking care of sick family members than this mask will work just perfect.




Damn that hurts.  We can get something that hurts so easily.   Tooth ache, cut, blister, broken or sprained bones and fingers.  Pain is a signal to the body that something is wrong.  Well once you know something is wrong, stop the pain.  It hurts.  Below are some of the common over the counter pain medications.

Simply Right Ibuprofen Pain Reliever/fever Reducer 200 Mg, 1000-Count $15.95

Ibuprofen / Advil etc.. are anti inflammatory drugs.  That means they reduce swelling.  If you smash your finger its going to swell up.  That swelling up presses on nerves and it hurts.  Taking a medicine to reduce the swelling will reduce the pain.  These are 2 big bottles at a great price.

First Aid Only Ibuprofen Tablets, 50 2-packs, 100-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) $13.77
Big bottles of ibuprofen might not fit in your portable or travel medical kit very well so I have also included some little packets of ibuprofen that will fit in the little places where you might need them.  I do this for each of the medications here.

Member's Mark - Acetaminophen 500 mg, 1000 Caplets, Pain Reliever (Compare to Tylenol) $18.27

Acetaminophen is the medicine better known as Tylenol.  Tylenol blocks the pain, its called an analgesic.  This works good on headaches, broken bones, wounds etc...  Most people know what works best for them in what situation, Tylenol or Advil.

Tylenol Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer, Extra Strength, 500 Mg Individual Sealed 2 Caplets in a Packet (Box of 50 Packets) Total 100 Caplets $19.98

As I said above...big bottles might not always be what you need.   Of course yo can always put the pills into a little ziplock bag but going into a foreign country might get you asked the questions, "what are these?"  "Tylenol."  "yeah..right...come back here please".  

Naproxen Sodium by Kirkland Signature - 400 caplets 220 mg Non Presctiption Strength - Compare to the active ingredient in Aleve $19.99

Naproxen Sodium (Aleve) use to be a prescription medication but now its Over The Counter (OTC).  In simple terms, its considered a stronger anti inflammatory than Advil or Ibuprofen is.  Note that you normally take only ONE of these at a time, NOT 2, as you do with Advil or Tylenol.   2 a day is normally the maximum dose and where as Advil and Tylenol might work for only 4-6 hours, Aleve will work for up to 12 hours.

Aleve Naproxen Sodium 220 mg 48 Pouches (Packets) of 1 Tablet $15.19

This is the same as above, but its the name brand "Aleve" and its in small packets for easy travel and smaller medical kits.

Water Jel Burn Jel, Pain Relief 25 ea $15.99
This work great on MILD BURNS. Like Sunburns, in fact, read its feedback, people praise how well it works on sunburns.  Disney uses it to treat guests at their parks who get sunburned.   This contains a pain relieving medicine called Lidocaine, 2% concentration.  This gives instant relief, for very serious burns, like 2nd degree blistering burns and worse, use the Burn Free below, see my photos of my fingers.  NOTE: This has 2% Lidocaine, most other sunburn gels are only 0.5% lidocaine.

BurnFree Emergency Complete Burn Care Kit $29.95

I've had Burn Free since the early 1990's, so over 20 years.  I got it a long time ago from a friend and had this entire 'burn kit' and through the years I used it here and there when I burned my fingers on a soldering iron or something, a few minor burns here and there. Then in Oct of 2012 I was BBQing and the steaks fell and I reached to grab the grill and I put my fingers right on the back of the BBQ, I grabbed it, a full 400-550F and direct pressure.  I knew I had 4 to 5 really bad burns.  I put cold water on it, then grabbed some ice cubes and drove 5 miles to my shop where I had an emergency kit with the Burn Free in it.  NOTHING killed the pain, not cold water, not cold ice, it hurt hurt hurt like hell.  Not until I got the burn free on it was there any relief from the pain, and the Burn Free was 20+ years old.  I had to keep burn free on it constantly for about 5 hours, but when I woke up the next morning, there was no  They never hurt again, kept their blisters for almost 2 weeks and healed beautifully.
HARRIS PHOTO of My Fingers Burned w/ Burn Free



These are some of the best books written on emergency medicine and you.  What skills you need to know and have and train on for when there is a disaster and someone is hurt, and you have to fix them...or.. you are hurt and you have to treat yourself.

Where There Is No Doctor $19.27

This is one of the most famous medical books for the average person out there.  Its on my book shelf.  It should be on yours, along with the one below.
Hesperian's classic manual, Where There Is No Doctor, is perhaps the most widely-used health care manual in the world. Useful for health workers, clinicians, and others involved in primary health care delivery and health promotion programs, with millions of copies in print in more than 75 languages, the manual provides practical, easily understood information on how to diagnose, treat, and prevent common diseases. Special attention is focused on nutrition, infection and disease prevention, and diagnostic techniques as primary ways to prevent and treat health problems.

Where There Is No Dentist $11.20

Oh how I HATE dentists, but the thought of having a dental problem and there is no dentist around is even scarier... This book should be a critical part of your preparedness library and as with ALL of your books you should READ IT.
This 2012 updated reprint features information on Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART), a way to fill cavities without the use of a dental drill, as well as updated information on other training material and resources. All Hesperian books are regularly updated and reprinted to reflect accurate medical information. Community health workers, educators and individuals from around the world use Where There Is No Dentist to help people care for their teeth and gums. This book's broad focus makes it an invaluable resource. The author uses straightforward language and careful instructions to explain how to: examine patients; diagnose common dental problems; make and use dental equipment; use local anesthetics; place fillings; and remove teeth.

The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook: Keep your loved ones healthy in every disaster, from wildfires to a complete societal collapse $34.99

Dr Bones and Nurse Amy are two of Jacks favorite people to have on The Survival Podcast.  They are also going to be at the Self Reliance Expo where I (Steven Harris) am also going to be a speaker.
The #1 Amazon Bestseller "survival medicine handbook" is meant for those who want to ensure the health of their loved ones in any disaster situation, from hurricanes to a complete societal collapse. Integrative medical strategies abound for situations in which medical help is NOT on the way. This book will teach the non-medical professional how to deal with all the likely medical issues they will face in a disaster situation in plain English. You'll learn skills like performing a physical exam, care of traumatic injuries and infectious disease, and even how to suture a wound!

Physicians' Desk Reference 2013 (Physicians' Desk Reference (Pdr)) $29.55

Got a drug in your cabinet and you don't know what it does ?? what its used for ? what its side effects are ? and its a disaster and you are in despite need to treat something ?? The PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) is the book that will tell you what every drug is and what its used for.  So if you don't remember what the name of that antibiotic was...but you have 4 bottles in front of you, this book will tell you which one it is.



These bags are EMPTY...they are for YOU to make YOUR medical kit.  I do NOT like pre-made medical kits because the are made for the lowest common denominator.  Plus you really don't know what is in it.  When you build your own medical kit, then you KNOW what is in it, because you bought all of the item and you bought all of the items that YOU NEED.   Maybe you get skin rashes really easy, and you need 3x the cream in a 'normal' medical kit.

MOLLE Compatible Military Style M3 Medic Bag, Combat Medical Kit, Black $25.00

This kit is EMPTY..there are no supplies in it.  This is a standard US Military Medical bag, when you open it up it opens up into about 4 different pouches and each one can contain a different selection of medical supplies you desire.  Antibiotics in one, skin treatment in another, medical tape, bandages in another etc...  If you have MOLLE gear, than this will strap into it and away you go.

Ensign Peak Everyday Duffel Bag, Orange $10.79

This is just an inexpensive and simple duffel bag (comes in many colors) and it has a big inside area and a bunch of outside pockets for various items.  You don't have to put water bottles in the outside pockets.   Its just simple, inexpensive and flexible and that is why it is listed here.

Northstar 1050 HD Tuff Cloth Diamond Ripstop Series Gear/Duffle Bag (16 x 40-Inch, Blue) $16.36

This is just a simple standard duffel bag for you to throw everything into.  Its got one big opening and one big zipper with handles and a should strap. The above link is for the 40 inch long one.
It also comes in 30 inches long HERE for $16.36
and it also comes in 24 inches long HERE for $14.01




I DO NOT like buying pre-made medical kits, however I do realize that you might not have the time select all of the items you need for a medical kit and that something pre-made and a little expensive is better than you having nothing.  You could have a hurricane 3 days away and you are taking our advice and having Amazon send you stuff by OVERNIGHT (costs $3.95 for Prime Members) and one of those things you might be ordering is a medical kit.  So here are a few good ones.

First Responder Trauma Bag- Fully Stocked $84.95

There is so many different items in these kits that you are going to have to click on the link and go read what is in it on amazon because its too numerous for me to list here.  All of these kits are nearly 5 stars, many of the reviews have a item by item list of what is in each one.  Keep in mind, this is just the basics, you may very well want to add to the kit with what we have listed above.  A kit made for  'everyone' just might not have a thing in it for 'you.'  Make it your own kit, even if you do get one of these pre-made and ready to go.

First Aid Only First Responder Emergency First Aid Kit, 159-Piece Bags $96.21
There is so many different items in these kits that you are going to have to click on the link and go read what is in it on amazon because its too numerous for me to list here.  All of these kits are nearly 5 stars, many of the reviews have a item by item list of what is in each one.  Keep in mind, this is just the basics, you may very well want to add to the kit with what we have listed above.  A kit made for  'everyone' just might not have a thing in it for 'you.'  Make it your own kit, even if you do get one of these pre-made and ready to go.

Elite Large Fully Stocked GI Issue Medic First Aid Kit Bag $139.84

There is so many different items in these kits that you are going to have to click on the link and go read what is in it on Amazon because its too numerous for me to list here.  All of these kits are nearly 5 stars, many of the reviews have a item by item list of what is in each one.  Keep in mind, this is just the basics, you may very well want to add to the kit with what we have listed above.  A kit made for  'everyone' just might not have a thing in it for 'you.'  Make it your own kit, even if you do get one of these pre-made and ready to go.



Bones can get broken, muscles get swollen, pulled, bruised and joints get sore, overworked and need support.  Bones getting broken need to be stabilized, some swollen muscles need to be wrapped and other joints that are sore or have problems work a lot better when you have a brace to support them.

SAM Splint 36" Rolled - Orange & Blue $13.53

These are foam coated think aluminum sheets.  They are perfect for making splints for arms or legs or something that needs to be immobilized.   You  an even take your pair of medical scissors (above) and cut this to make it smaller so you can have a finger splint.  SAM Splint is THE #1 brand name of this item and this will do well for you.

4.25 X 36 Inch Padded Aluminum Splint $6.49

This is exactly the same as the above but this is the generic version of the SAM Splint.  I've used the SAM splints, and they are awesome, but I've not used the generic version.  They have great ratings and should work fine but I wanted you to have a lower priced option for your medical kits.

Mueller Fitted Wrist Right , Black, Large/XLarge $12.27

I don't have wrist or knee problems so these are hard for me to relate to, but people who do have wrist or knee or joint problems can tell you how valuable these are.  If you get your wrist or knee hurt, which, is very possible in a disaster, especially if you are sleep deprived, dirty, stressed, worried and helping in a rescue (without professionals around) and you hurt yourself.  A good brace will make all the difference between you being able to help and work and you not being able to help or work.

Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Stabilizer, One Size Fits Most, 1-Count Package $14.50

Read the description I have above about braces and then consider this for your medical kit.

There is actually a whole FAMILY of braces for everything you can think of by Mueller.  You can see them all here:
See the whole Family of Mueller Braces - Click Here

ACE Elastic Bandage with Clips, 4 Inches $5.19

Elastic wraps are another DO ALL.  Have a wound with some gauze or or blood absorber on it and you need to wrap it up tight to help prevent further bleeding ?? wrap an ACE wrap around it.  Have a swollen or injured ankle or knee, wrap it up.   Need a sling for your hurt or broken arm, make a sling from ACE wrap.   Want to look like a mummy for Halloween ??? use ACE wrap.

There are 2", 3", 4", 6" wraps, both by ACE and by generic, click the link below to see the whole family of them available on Amazon. 
See the Whole Family of ACE Bandages - Click HERE

Self Adhesive Non Woven Cohesive Bandage 2"x5 Yards Pack of 12 "Best Selling" $19.69

Well there are ACE wraps, which, have sticky pins to hold it tight (or you can always use diaper or safety pins ABOVE) then there are these wraps.  These are COHESIVE wraps and cohesive means it sticks to itself.  All you have to do is wrap this around what you want wrapped tight and it will stick to itself, no velcro or pins or anything.  Its very convientant and yes, you can unwrap it.


Dynarex Sensi Wrap, Rainbow Color, Cohesive Bandage 2 Inches X 5 Yards, 36 Count $26.00

The above is 12 for $20, but that might be all you need, and enough for your friends as well, but if you want more, there it is, 36 for $26, less than a dollar a roll....and it comes in colors.

If you are cold, wet, tired, with children crying, trying to listen to the radio, keep dry, figuring out where the toilet paper is and where you are going to use it, and you have to patch up someone who's hurt... do you really need to wonder how you are going to secure the bandage to itself ?  Use this stuff.



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